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(Liquid Records, Tribe of Frog)

Wicki hails from the Viking realm of Denmark. This was where her musical journey began when she discovered psy trance in 1997. She moved to the UK in 1999 and in 2004 her DJ career was launched! Wicki started off playing melodic and quirky psy trance, with time her BPM of choice has gone down and now you can’t stick a label with a specific genre on her. Progressive trance, techno, electronica and chillout are just some of the sounds you might hear if you catch one of her sets.

A label DJ for Liquid Records and a resident at Tribe of Frog, Wicki has played at parties and festivals all over the UK, including the legendary Synergy Project, Alpha Omega, Broken, Tribe of Frog, Waveform Festival, Sunrise Festival and Boomtown Festival. Outside the UK people are also starting to notice this multi-faceted DJ and she has so far played back in her homeland of Denmark as well as Ireland and India