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Omega Flight (DJ)

(Lua Records & Distant Tremor)

Psyberdelica welcomes Omega Flight to share his DJ sets as well as his producer work as Omega Flight.

He has been DJing for the last 10 years, and has played at many events including his own events (Artifact), Tribe of Frog, Toadstool and Distant Tremor among others. He is also well known for his string art & UV installations as 'Ink Junkie'

Derren grew up listening to techno, later in 2004 he found Psytrance and loved the melodies and vibe of the nights, earlier DJing under the name Thanos.
Omega Flight likes to call his style of music"twilight psytrance" and his influences are based on many UK & South African artists.
Omega Flight has been playing all around UK significantly in some Festivals and parties such as Tribe of Frog, Toadstool, Psyanide, Bassinvaders, Tesla Project, Arti-fact and more...

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and here is a selection of his DJ mixes from over the years!