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(Eden, Psyberdelica)

Psyberdelica welcomes Dexter! resident DJ and one of the founding members of Eden (Big Bang Productions) Psytrance club nights at The Winchester in Bournemouth. Dexter, aka Mickey Daley is bound to get everyone dancing with his groovy blend of energetic, melodic, full-on psychedelic trance. Dexter has been involved with electronic music since the early days of techno, house and trance in Brixton, as well as being a stage manager and music promoter, so we are delighted to welcome him to our website and future events, here is what he has to say:

"Hi everyone, I'm 47 and still 'avin it !!! I started raving in 1987. I worked at the BRIXTON ACADEMY (London) for 3 years from 1987 to 1990 in that time I was stage manager for SUNRISE,ENERGY and RAINDANCE. was well into the dancing at clubs like FUN CITY, MEGATRIPILOS and im still into a good stomp.

I started Djing late, but when I made my first mix, I was hooked. I started off with House, Trance, Techno, then Hard Trance, now PSY TRANCE. I've been into PSY TRANCE from when it started as GOA TRANCE. It's Funky, Trippy, Quirky, Groovy, Bouncy, Deep stuff And I love it to death !!!

I moved to Bournemuoth about 5 years ago from London (Brixton). I love Bournemouth, met some really good mates and other Djs here and hope to stay. I've been Djing on the Borunemouth scene for about 5 years. Now I Dj and promote a psy trance night in Bournemouth called EDEN."

Review from puzzle project 414 Club Brixton:

"Mickey Daley - No stranger to the 414, he first played the venue over 15 years ago! Since cutting his teeth in Coldharbour Lane, Mickey has been making big waves (har har!) on the south coast with his promotion and residency of Bournemouth’s undisputed number one Psytrance night - EDEN. We made the trip down to check it out for ourselves and were simply blown away by this mans energy and enthusiasm. The decision to have him come and play at Puzzle Project wasn’t simply decided on that criteria though. It was more the fact he had us and the rest of the capacity crowd dancing like rabid, deranged, salivating loonbags"

Please listen, download and share his mixes, we hope you enjoy his tunes!

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