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Special Guest DJs

Psyberdelica welcomes mix contributions from all over the world!

We have special guest mixes from DJs:
  • Dexter (Eden, Psyberdelica)
  • Krosis (Stompwood/5D Collective)
  • Lloyd Positivist (Damaru Records) 
  • Psyc0de (Woodog)
  • Cheryl Catawampus (Catawampus Records)
  • Wicki (Liquid Records, Tribe of Frog) 
  • Rowan Elf (Planet Monkey)
  • Omega Flight (Lua, Distant Tremor)
  • Mikrodot
  • Waldschrat
  • Magic Lamp

with new mixes from more previous contributors to come soon!

check out their pages & mix contributions!