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Psyberdelica Samhain Celebration 26th October 2013!!!


Please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information or visit our EVENTS page.

It will be a seasonal celebration in the Welsh Borderlands, to welcome the Celtic New Year

Music over 24 hours with chillout at sunrise. An overnight stay for Saturday night is included if you wish to camp or bring your  live in vehicle:

Invitations for Samhain: 

please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Samhain Line-up  

Live Sets:

  •  Lunar Seed 
  •  Sporophore 
  •  Axion (Live/DJ)
  •  Solar Bud (Live/DJ)
  •  Atman Construct (Live/DJ)
  • Prognosis (Live 8trk mix)
  • Unconscious Mind(s)
  • Astrodruid (tbc)


  • Dexter
  • Tetrasound
  • Lorraine 
  • Jim Appleton
  • Awen 
  • Stargate 
  • Quercus
  • Tethis
  • Orestis
  • Mishima

Mishima from Brap Fm will now be playing instead of Quextal!

More to be announced, please keep up to date with our Events page on Psyberdelica and please support our Facebook fan page!!!!


2013....Summer of....Psyberdelica!

After a short summer break of gigs, festivals and fun we are back with more mixes from our resident and special guest DJs! We hope you have been enjoying the sunshine as much as we have! 
Please welcome Dexter from Eden in Bournemouth! who is here with a special guest mix selection of uplifting, funky psychedelic trance, as well as another trippy psychedelic mix from DJ Virtual Reality, and some sunshiney progressive grooves from Awen and Lorraine who both played a Sunday progressive session at Nozstock with Tribe of Frog!! (thanks for recording all of our sets...there is much more from the UK's top DJs and producers on the Tribe of Frog soundlcoud page to enjoy) 


Psyberdelica welcomes Axion!!!

We hope that you enjoyed his sunrise set at Psyberdelica's Progressive & Chill @Triplicity, here is another chance to hear his DJ set again


NEW MIXES! from Rich Nelson & Uneven Steven

Rich Nelson playing a progressive psytrance DJ set on the Psyberdelica Progressive & Chill Stage @ Triplicity

AND a Chillout mix 'Triplicity Chillout' by Psyberdelica resident Uneven Steven


Mixes by Psyberdelica resident Stargate & Guest Mix by Virtual Reality

DJ Stargate with 'Fantasia' and a new guest psytrance DJ mix by Virtual Reality with 'Transistence'! 


Please Welcome Bez 23 & Moonpup!

Bez23 with a psy chill & downtempo DJ mix that he recorded live on the Psyberdelica Progressive & Chill stage at Triplicity

Moonpup is here with his first psy chill DJ mix online! we were so happy to hear him playing for the first time at Psyberdelica Progressive & Chill

Thanks to all the DJs and producers who contributed a set to the Progressive & Chill area, we loved every minute! and I hope you all did too. The Psyberdelica art space was full of happy people, dancing to great music all weekend.


Please welcome Psyberdelica favourite Adam Goodlet! Re:Creation/Peak/Arcturian Soul/Oversoul Project

Adam is sharing a free, remastered mix of his album 'Infinite Expansion'. Adam is well known for producing psytrance as Re:Creation and for his genre crossing music as Peak and Arcturian Soul, he combines all of his styles from ambient, psybreaks and psytrance live as 'Oversoul Project' so please support his music by downloading & sharing his tunes! 

Also new in April 2013: New Mixes from Awen & Lorraine

we hope that you like the new edition of our website! we have progressive mixes from Awen:

and a night-psy DJ mix from Lorraine:

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