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Stargate has been dj-ing since 1995 initially performing techno, progressive and trance at free parties in the NW of England and in the caves of the Lake District. He rediscovered psytrance in 2000, and played for Tribe of Frog (Bristol) for four years and played his first live sets. He continued to support the free party scene in the SW of England and Wales and played at Earth Ascendance, the precursor to Sunrise. In 2003 he played in South Africa, in Johannesburg (Tribe cafe) and the New Year Prism/Vortex trance festival near Capetown. In 2005 he took a year-long sabbatical in Japan to develop his own sound and played at numerous venues on Kyushu island, SW Japan. In 2007 he performed at the Sunrise festival in Somerset, UK. The last three years he has performed live and DJ sets at various locations in the UK including Wax On Wax Off in Bristol and free parties in Wales. 2010 saw a visit to Hungary with an extended set at Beertok and an unofficial performance at Ozora, with regular plays at Kanyini in Birmingham. He continues to develop his music and prefers to develop rich, clear sounds with a strong tribal beat and a psychedelic edge. He has been producing his own tracks under the artist name Projekt X

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