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Captain Kevman


Captain Kevman was a resident DJ for the legendary Messmedia parties! He has also played for various club nights, outdoor parties and festivals including Nozstock, Wax on: Wax off, Chaos Theory and Antiworld's 'Infecting the UK'.

He has been listening to psy trance since 1999-2000 and has been DJing for over 10 years, he has has played sets in India,France and all over the UK. He has warmed up main rooms at psytrance parties for Infected Mushroom, Dick Trevor and Texas Faggot amongst others.

He plays colourful floaty progressive & psychedelic trance. He is sharing some classic progressive psytrance mixes, as well as some of his own goa influenced artist tracks as 'Sporophore'

Please visit Captain Kevman's Mix Archive to download progressive psytrance and psytrance DJ mixes!

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