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I'm Awen, which is Welsh for inspiration, or flowing spirit, a name that describes the music I Iove to play, flowing, evolving, progressive & psychedelic trance. My DJ mixes include all of my favourite artists, I hope you enjoy their tunes.I started mixing goa and hard trance on vinyl long before I got my cd decks, electronic music has been a passion of mine since the 90's - thanks to my friends for encouraging me to DJ in front of a crowd! so here I am, sharing the music I love.

Over the years I have played at free parties, club nights and small friendly festivals - including Planet Shroom (Main Room & Speshul Disco), Kanyini, Chaos Theory, Wax on:Wax off, Create Your Own Happiness, Eden, Whitedog's Phestival, and Nozstock (with Messmedia, & later with Tribe of Frog). It's all a long way since I had my first residency with Chaos Theory in Swansea! since then I have continued to set up Psyberdelica events with our soundsystem, and promote psychedelic and progressive psytrance with Psyberdelica online.

I am also a textile & mixed media artist and enjoy making UV psychedelic backdrops and installations, such as geometric stretch decor, inflatables and hand painted, geometric UV backdrops, that I have contributed to Kanyini and Psyberdelica events.

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My most recent promo mix with my favourite tracks from Nozstock (please download from my Mix Archive below)

In the Coppice with Tribe of Frog @ Nozstock 2013

Awakening the Dragon

Earthlights 01 & 02


Stardust at Imbolc

There are more progressive psytrance and psytrance dj mixes to download in the mix archive below, thanks for listening!

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