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Our DJ profile pages feature Mixes & Downloads from our regular contributors & resident DJs! 

Psyberdelica is also pleased to feature our Special Guest DJ Mixes from DJs who have played at our events, and have contributed to our online community by sharing their music with us.

Thanks to everyone involved, we hope you enjoy their music as much as we do!

DJ mixes from Psyberdelica residents:



Captain Kevman


  Jim Appleton

Uneven Steven


............as well as DJ Mixes from our  Special Guests contributing DJ Mixes from many genres of Psytrance, Progressive and more:

  • Dexter
  • Krosis
  • Cheryl Catawampus
  • Chink
  • Mikrodot
  • Omega Flight
  • Lloyd Positivist
  • Psycode 
  • Waldschrat
  • Rowan Elf